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Explore our universe

To each floor of the hotel 3.14 CANNES corresponds to a universe representing one of the 5 continents. America: homage to a creative and luminous continent Africa: gateway to the desert, Oceania of distant islands, Europe: Paris in “La Belle Epoque” Asia: the sun rising land…

Located in La Croisette, our beach hotel invites you to travel around the world.

3.14 CANNES has 3 bedrooms disabled accessible and adapted for people with reduced mobility

Explore our universe at 3.14 Cannes

America, a creative continent…

  • Suite America at 3.14 Cannes
  • Room America at 3.14 Cannes
  • Salon Suite America at 3.14 Cannes

An explosion of sharp colours, walls tint in blue of the Pacific Ocean, rough iron furniture, dazzling curtains playing with the sunshine, scent of sequoias, the woody fragrances of cedar trees…The rooms on the first floor plunge visitors into America crossbreed with the Latino culture. The kitsch Pop-Art décor emphasizes the eclecticism of the New World’s melting pot…

Africa, at the desert gates…

  • Salon Suite Africa at 3.14 Cannes
  • Room Africa at 3.14 Cannes
  • Room Africa at 3.14 Cannes

Hanging from the Moorish windows of the second floor’s rooms, billowing curtains decorated with beads evoke the sensuality of a belly dancer. The cushions trimmed with pendants, the finely chiselled brass light fittings with their voluptuous shapes, the delicate open fretwork of the tables combines with a whiff of nutmeg, cinnamon and Damask roses create an atmosphere worthy of the Arabian Nights…

Oceania, distant islands…

  • Room Oceania
  • Salon Suite Oceania at 3.14 Cannes
  • Suite Oceania at 3.14 Cannes

How could one fail to succumb to the charms of the third floor rooms? The cool freshness of the sea air blowing over the coral reef mingled with the sweet fragrance of the newly-dried copra in the coconut grove… The harmonious lines of the furniture, the softness of the fabrics, the symbolism of the decorative motifs, the light filtered by the raffia shades… are all reminiscent of the original paradise.

Europe, Paris la Belle Epoque…

  • Suite Europe at 3.14 Cannes
  • Room Europe at 3.14 Cannes
  • Salon Suite Europe at 3.14 Cannes

Let the powdery scent of roses and the earthy aroma of cedar wood enchant you and whisk you away for an incognito escapade into the feverish animation of the City of Light, the cabarets in Montmartre with their sparkling chandeliers. The rooms on the fourth floor compose a symphony of voluptuousness where the pink wall drapes and bed-head match the carmine red of the curtains. The soft wall lights reveal the femininity and romanticism of the room. One’s spirit is irresistibly suggestive and tender.

Asia, impressions of the rising sun…

  • Room Asia at 3.14 Cannes
  • Salon Suite Asia at 3.14 Cannes
  • Living room at Asia suite at 3.14 Cannes

A light mixture of aromatic incense, patchouli and jasmine in the air; located on the the fifth floor of the 3.14 Hotel Cannes, the rooms are inspired by the traditions of Japan, where the ever-present Zen procures a feeling of deep serenity. The geometric lines of the dark furniture combined with the lighter shades of the natural fabrics and the brightness of the red Chinese silk lead one’s body and mind towards peace. Buddha watches over our guests’ slumber…